Inspired by the dream stories of queens and princesses, All Together with Sandhya Manniesing has grown to a remarkable Fashion label.
All her designs, to the smallest details are unique. They give a “matching story” in which every woman feels like a Queen. With the influences from Eastern countries and French baroque she creates her own fabrics and makes each design to haute couture.
“Unique in its kind, gracefullness and elegancy is what Sandhya desires with her collection”



The collection is inspired by the classic woman who steps out as a lady. Eastern influences mixed with baroque and contemporary touches that create the elegance. The style is immediately timeless, so it can always be worn. The strength of her collections is above all that all parts are coordinated and can be combined endlessly. The true “matching story”. The variety in the collections ensures that women have a beautiful appearance for every occasion. Masterful in her presence. In general, an outfit consists of: A coat, dress, shoes and bag. All these items always connect with each other. Can be worn business, casual and festive. All Together